Wednesday, May 13, 2009

15 months...

My little Olivia Brynne, my beautiful little daughter, is really on the move now and workin' hard to keep up with the other kids. At 15 months now, she is finally 18 pounds (so still little), but she has the biggest smile! I can not even express the joy she brings into my life each and every day!
Spring came at perfect timing (thank you!) because Livs just loves to play. That is pretty much what we do lately- enjoy the sunshine, parks, grass, flowers, the pond, bikes, etc. (we like to block out the daily housework). It has been so fun watching Livvy walk and talk and play, play, play! And the cutest thing is when she sings. She loves to sing and dance! It is sooo cute!
Some of her cute words right now are: Baydon (Braydon), CHASE! (loudly), Ivvy (Livvy), Bampa (grandpa), peek-a-boo, clap, no, Awww.... , who dat? (who's that?), kiki (kitty), dog, pup-pup, bird
Her Favorite food words: nana (banana), pi-zza, milk, egg, cook-cook (cookie), baba
Lots and Lots of Animals Sounds: Meow, Quack, baa, moo, arf, neigh, tweet (sounds like a squeak really)

Lovin' the slide at the park. It is so fun to play with a brother!

Can't you just see how much fun she is having?

Livvy loves to ride the trike. It pretty much runs away with her, but she is not deterred.

Then lastly at Kindermusik! Like I said, this baby LOVES music! She is such a fun addition to my classes. She participates so well- even when she is by far the youngest in class. She's just such a good baby all the way around! I'm so glad we get to do this together!

Shake, Shake,Shake, Shake it, baby!
Peek- A boo! (Click on this picture and see what's in the middle)
This was one of those perfect candid moments! We were floating the parachute up in the sky and down to the floor as a class when Livvy crawled under and stuck her head through. Somehow, miraculously, my slow camera grabbed the shot. It was so cute!!! I'm so glad I got a picture of it. The whole class was laughing. :)

Olivia Brynne, you'll never know how much I love you! You are the perfect example that some of the best things are born out of opposition (hard pregnancy and circumstances while I was pregnant). Heavenly Father knew you were just what we needed! I love you soooo much! Thanks for coming into my life! Mommy


Ace said...

Can I bite her? I know that sounds strange and maybe even cruel but honestly, she needs to be chewed on.

Love, love, LOVE the close-up of her on the trike. That one needs to be blown up like a gazillion times bigger and used as wallpaper.

Cute baby, cute mama.

Neika Boulter said...

Man we need to get our girls together! They would be such a hoot to watch! I love Livvy and I don't even get to see all the sweet things she does!