Monday, May 18, 2009

The Game of Life

After a crazy busy week of yard work and helping my mom move and make it to her Dr.s appointments, etc. I promised Braydon that we would take the time to sit down and have a family game night on Sunday. He just loves to play games. So, even though things were still busy after church, a promise is a promise! So, I told him to set up his game at the table while I got the roast (with onions, potatoes, and carrots) going for dinner. Just a good ole stand-by dinner. One pot cooking, minimal mess- love that for Sundays!

Braydon decided on
The Game of
The game was intended to be between Braydon, Sommer, Wade and me- "and that's all!" he informed me. Then I reminded him of how he felt at Chase's age when he wanted to be included in everything too. So, as a compromise, Wade sugar-coated the idea to Chase that he could play on his "team." It worked great! But then let me remind you that- that still left one member of the family without a playmate- Livvy. Ok--She could be my "teammate".

I brought over some lemon bars to the table for a treat and the game began. Livvy sat in my lap for about 5.2 seconds before she noticed everyone getting to spin. She started to climb on the table, her sights set on the spinner, of course! We let her have a couple of turns, Chase too, but it became a big distraction quick. So, Wade and I took our turns with Livvy in our laps when, at one point Wade began to hand her to me with a bite of lemon bar in his mouth, somehow he aspirated a piece and couldn't breathe. Hacking away and gasping for air, I was afraid he might die! Our game took a 20 minute break while he fought for air. Once it resumed, I could hardly concentrate since Livvy was tired, fussy, and hungry since she had been fighting a cold and four baby molars cutting through. She wouldn't eat anything all day or take a bottle. She's still nursing and that was all she was willing to do for the last couple of days even though I am sure she was starving for some real food!

When Livvy and Chase would take a break from the game, it would be to go make a royal mess somewhere- and I had to just watch my kitchen turn into a train wreck. Oh, well. No biggie, I thought. This is more important- even with Livvy making kitty soup, Chase knocking over a big glass of water and a potted plant, and more.
No exagerations! Sommer cried when she got a mobile home as her house (we had a bad experience once, so this was justified! "I get it honey, I really DO!") Money and cars from the game were scattered several times and I had a headache that was cooking faster than our dinner.

When Livvy (and me) finally were no longer patient, I threw my hands up in the air and with a frustrated apology, I forfeited with the promise of a raincheck that on
another day when she took a nap, we would try again. I think this came as a relief to everyone actually. I took Chase and Livvy down to bed where we all fell asleep- exhausted and hungry still.

I know my blog often paints a pretty picture (which a lot of the time it is), but sadly my friends,
THIS is the

I can also totally relate to this comic. I had to laugh, being the 6th child in my family, and one small car, I think I rode on the floor most of my life. Good times! :)

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Neika Boulter said...

oh man do i relate! I agree most days are sunny but holy cow... some days its NON STOP crazy life! Just glad to know I'm not the only one it happens to!