Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As we went to a birthday party for my neice, Paris, Livvy was not having a happy day. She was very clingy and grouchy. My sister in law is from Germany and her German grandmother (who speaks very little English) was there and kept trying to get Livvy to come to her. Liv was having
NOTHING to do with it! My little marsupial stayed attached to me. I actually felt bad because she normally is such a happy, smiley baby, but we all have bad days, right?

At one point during the party, I had to run out to my car. I handed Livvy to my mom and she (thinking I was leaving her) started screaming. A minute later, the German Grandma (Oma) came out carrying Livvy. They all told me that Oma said to Livvy,

" Komm her. Ich bring dich zu mama." in her very speedy German.
("Come here. I will take you to your mama.")

Well, that was all it took. Livvy instantly reached for her and she stopped crying. Out they came and found me.

Now I know, the key word
"mama" here is the same, but I'd rather just think she's brilliant. :)


Ace said...

Is there any question here?

All your kids are genius, it's true.

Melissa said...

Aww. thanks, Candace- you are too sweet. I really do hope people know when I am joking around however! :)

Cassie said...

She sounds like my little one! She is so darling. I love your Picture on top of your blog:) very cute. Hey I just wanted to thank you for always being such a good friend. I don't think they come better than you. Your comment made me tear up. You truely are sooo sweet, and yes lets get the boys together next week!