Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I got home late tonight- exhausted, drained, and giftless (with Father's Day tomorrow) because I have spent 2 long days with my niece Nicki at the hospital. She had her baby after a LONG 38 hour labor- poor girl. Anyway, I arrive and there is my sweet hubby taking care of our children with a surprise for ME! He and his family bought me a beautiful antique PIANO!!!! I couldn't believe it! A dream come true for me! That is so typical of Wade- to think of me and our family first . (THANK YOU RENEE AND MONICA TOO!)
So, I just need to say in this brief moment how much I love you, Wade and how I am so glad that our kids have you as a dad! You are such a fun dad, so sweet, loving, smart, talented, and such a great teacher! Thanks for extending your priesthood and giving Nicki a blessing today! Thanks for being worthy to bless and baptize our children too! I am so happy to have you as the father of my children! SO HAPPY!
I could go on and on, but instead I will join you for some rest so that maybe I can at least get up and make you a nice breakfast and give you a break from ALWAYS cooking Sunday mornings (with the exception of fast Sundays). Thanks for all you do! Happy Father's Day Hero (my hot fireman)!
Love, me


Neika Boulter said...

You two are so dang cute to eachother! Wade truly is an awesome man! Tell him thanks for taking good care of my friend!!!

Ace said...


I am so happy for you--

Now all of your dreams have come true!

That was so terribly kind of your hubs, and much deserved for you.

Love you!