Thursday, June 18, 2009

Age Perception

Once upon a time

Maybe it's because there is a little more freedom in his day- such as bike riding, playing with the big kids, and seeing himself as a Big brother, but Chase's funny quips of late have all seemed to have had a common theme: aging/ maturity. It's so interesting how when you are young, time creeps along ever so slowly and the older you get, the faster time goes. Remember when summer vacation lasted soooo long? Christmas break too? Imagine what 4 1/2 years must feel like! That is why I am beginning to realize that my little guy feels older and more competent these days, which (*sigh*), he is.

Anyway, here are a few Chaserisms that I must put in the "book", because according to my apparent age to Chase, my memory will be going soon. Sadly, I can see it happening too...

First of all, I love that Chase loves to wear women's sunglasses. I think they are cuter on him anyway!
The pink life preserver wasn't his first choice, however. It was a necessity issue.
I know I mentioned the "Methuselah" comment before. The entire story went like this:
Braydon- "Who was the oldest person to ever live?"
Me- "I think Methuselah lived around 1000 years old."
Chase- "Hey, Mommy, that's how old you are!"
Laughter and Shock
Chase- "Mommy, I'm just kidding!"

Grandpa took Chaser to the cemetary for Memorial Day. They had to read lots and lots of tombstones. Chase was very fascinated. It was a great learning experience. Chase must be a little concerned with death, however, because he loves his grandpa and I think he was putting 2 and 2 together. He sincerely asked Grandpa,
"How did you get sooooo old?"
Later, Wade and I also had to explain to him that it would be a long time before he is Grandpa's age.

(No offense Grandpa- you really are still young! :)

The other day, Wade and I found a little blond snippit of hair in our bed. Well, it didn't take long to figure out where it came from. When we asked Chase how it got there, he replied with a sigh,
"I don't know... Maybe it was Mr. Washington's." Wade and I looked at each other, puzzled and amused.
"Who is Mr. Washington?" I asked.
"Oh, you know, he is on lots of commercials on tv. You see him all the time! Sometimes he just likes to cut his hair. Or maybe he shaved in your bed."
Ok, sure, Mr. Washington!

Last night, Chase and I were laughing and playing around and I playfully bit him.
He turned very serious and said,
"Why did you just bite me?"
I replied, "Because you are so yummy."
Very emphatically, he said without missing a beat,
"No, I'm not. I have bad meat in me!"
So funny...
Then today when I asked him to elaborate on the subject, he explained that since Jesus made him SOOOO long ago, his meat was really old by now.
(Oh, Chaser, how I love you! I don't think you're too rotten!)

Lastly, on Sunday, Wade and I were finishing a book and I was very emotional and tears were streaming down my face. Braydon taking note, said, "In all my nine years, I've never seen Daddy cry."
Chase shook his head, made a "tsk, tsk, tsk" sound and with a sigh (I love how he always does this), said,
"In all my four years."

You know, kiddo, in your case- that really does equate to a lot!

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Neika Boulter said...

sorry i just barely read all these funny chase comments! HE CRACKS ME UP! what a funny, and smart boy!