Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Girls

I had the opportunity to spend a whole day with just my girls. I must say, I just love to see the sweet things that make boys and girls so different. And I really have enjoyed my two girlies today!The greatest part was that we just hung out at home and played (and ate oreos, which Livvy is proudly wearing most of hers!). As I sat and watched them play house, as little girls do, I thought how I could watch and photograph them all day. They are just so cute and so fun these days! I love what girly-girls they are. Livvy always has her feet in someones shoes. Doesn't matter whose really. But the girl loves shoes and clothes! She reminds me so much of Sommer at that age. I know all girls love these things- I'm just thinking how grateful I am that I get to experience having little girls!Here she is playing tea-party with me (even though you can't see me- I'm taking the pics of course). She loves to feed us all too. Such a little "mommy" already! She also loves to help clean, wipe Chase up when he is dirty, and she takes such good care of her babies by dressing and rocking them. She loves babies! (Except for our baby doll that swims. She FREAKS out when she sees it in the tub moving it's legs and arms! I think she thinks he's either possessed or drowning! It's cute and sad at the same time!)




Sommer and her friend played with babies and puppies- dressing them up. I love that little girls are so content playing so quietly and tenderly. Such sweet girls! Sommer is at such a fun age that I can really kid around with her now. I just love teasing my kids. But, they pretty much have me figured out and know when I'm fooling them about something. But still, I just love getting to laugh with them.

Of course they always include Livvy and play so good with her.

I also took the girls to the studio with me yesterday and they knocked themselves out. I love how Livvy looks up to Sommer and imitates everything she does.

I love my sweet daughters and am so thankful for them! I am so so blessed~this I know!

But now, I am really missing my boys! My next post will most certainly have to be about them; for I love them sooo much too!


Ace said...

Sweet Liss-

Love what you have done with the girls bedroom. It's soooo darling!

The Lowerys said...

Love all the cute pictures! Your two girls are so precious! Just wish I could read what you wrote..I think you choose the wrong font :)

Melissa said...

Weird, callie- don't know how it got bumped to that! Hopefully, it's legible now! :0)