Saturday, July 18, 2009

Daddy training

Lately, Livvy has started having the cutest little conversations with us. It is sooo cute! When she wakes up in the wee morning hours, I usually bring her back to my bed. She used to go back to sleep with me until one morning she made a discovery: Daddies will do anything for their little girls!!! This is how the dialogue went that day and everyday since:

Liv- Unt baby...(whimpers)...Unt baby
Wade- You want your baby?
Liv- Uh-huh (nodding)
Wade- Okay, sweetie, I'll go find your baby.

Soon, he comes back with one of her baby dolls. This obviously isn't the one she's thinking of because she purses her bottom lip and just says "NO."

Wade- This isn't the right one? Ok, I'll go look again.

He repeats this process about five times until he comes back with the "right" one. Livvy instantly giggles and is so happy.

So, now every morning if I bring her to bed, she immediately climbs over and shakes Wade, pulls his hair and says so sweetly, "Baby...Get it."

Off Wade goes to find her baby, which so happens to be a different one each day. It is sooo funny. I love it. After months (and years) of middle of the night nursing, it now seems to be Wade's "turn" to see to the demands of a need that just can't wait. I hope I am not making Liv sound spoiled because either she is and she's just so good at disguising her tantrums with sweetness, or she just really is such a loving, tender-hearted baby girl. And how can her Daddy resist such a simple request?
Now that she is such a daddy's girl, she also has built this into her routine. Sneak away with Mommy's cell phone, call daddy (by pushing the call button- she knows how to call him all by herself!) and have a little heart-to-heart with Daddy.

Usually I walk in and say,"Livvy, who are you talking to?"
Liv- Dada. Unt Dada.
Then I can hear Wade's voice on the other end talking to her.
Liv- Hey Dada!!!
Wade- Hey baby girl!
Liv- Awww... Dada, Dada, awww...
Me-Can I talk to Daddy?
Liv- NO! Unt Dada!
Wade- I love you!
Liv- Luva, Luva
Then I can hear Wade ask her animal sounds and her vibrant responses. So sweet.

When It is time for Wade to go, she cries and cries, and fusses at me when I take away the phone so she can't keep calling him. I'm so glad that she has a dad who will take her calls, tell her how much he loves her, find her baby dolls, teach her about jeeps and firetrucks (she LOVES them!), and hold and love her like Daddies should.

And for me, I get to fall in love again each time I see or hear one of these exchanges! No lie...

Livvy- Yeah, I've got them trained!


Ace said...

All of the pictures you have used here are so freakin' cute, BUT...

That first picture and the last--

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!

I am dying. She is just adorable.
(and smart as a whip that one!)

call u soon-lots to catch up on!

Neika Boulter said...

okay I so want to come hang out with her! You let wade spoil her... soon she'll be too big!

Karin said...

Don't you wish we could train them as fast as they train us!?! So funny!