Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Mighty 5

Happy Birthday, Chaser! As of Wednesday, my little Chase is 5 years old!Most changes in my children seem to be so gradual, that they almost go unnoticed. But the other day, I looked at Chase and could see definite changes. He looked sooo big! His baby fat cheeks nearly all gone, his eyes have continued to lighten from a dark blue to now a bluish- green. His whole demeanor seemed so different. He is growing up. I have been trying to literally hold on to him more this week so I take all the opportunity before he makes me stop. So sad to even think about!

Chase has been the best kid lately. It wasn't long ago that I said how different he was from the other kids- contantly keeping me on my toes! But now, he is Mommy's helper and loves to help clean, weed, cook, basicly anything I need help with. He loves working. I am so impressed with his sweetness. I sure LOVE this boy!

Here he is on his birthday. We had blueberry muffins for breakfast, which he loves. The poor guy was sick on his birthday, so we haven't had his actual party, but we did try to make his day special. We are still looking forward to his celebration! I thought these pictures were so cute, especially since he was sporting a 102 degree fever and still let me get his picture. he really is changing.

I'm Five!

Love you so much Chaser Race! Happy Birthday, big buddy!


Ace said...

Poor little guy!

You are right though, for being sick he sure does look sweet in these pics.

Hope y'all get to celebrate properly this weekend and that everyone's will continue to improve.

Enjoyed talking to you Lis-you are the best friend a girl could ever want or need!

Love ya-

Neika Boulter said...

Oh he is TOO cute! Sorry he was sick. Hope you all get better!