Saturday, August 29, 2009


Braydon started 4th grade this year. He is growing up so fast, but I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. I feel badly that I haven't "bragged "more about him on my blog, but I am constantly telling him how much I love him and how proud I am of him. Braydon is the PERFECT 1st child! He is sooo responsible and so smart! he excells in school and is such a book worm. He reads a new chapter book every couple of days. BIG ones! Braydon is very neat and organized. He is so amazing! I see such great leadership abilities in Braydon. This year in school he has his first male teacher and is really liking that. Plus, his teacher teaches guitar, which is one of Braydon's loves. He has been a tutor every year to other kids and I love that he has that opportunity. I just love my boy so much! And I think he is so cute. :) I love to kiss the tip his nose, because it is so cute. And his hazel (brownish/ green) eyes are exclusive to him in our family and are so captivating!! He is so sweet and always tells me he loves me. I love the way he calls me "mama". Southern roots. :)

Braydon recieved his bear award in scouts the other night. He loves scouts. Watch out Weblos!
Sommer is now in 3rd grade and has many friends. She also does great in school, although she prefers the creative side of school the most, like art and writing stories and plays. She likes playing the piano and dancing. She is so talented and I love to watch her grow. She has the best heart! If Sommer ever does anything wrong, I always know, because she will come to me and tell me. She has a very strong conscience. Such a good girl.

First week of school

Dance started back this week and I think this will be a really fun year as she has moved up to the next level. I'm really excited for Sommer!

Chase is in preschool one more year. Since he just turned 5, I took the advice of MANY friends who said to wait and put him in Kindergarten next year so he is not the youngest in his class. I am teaching preschool (1 week out of every 7) with other neighborhood moms in a joy school we created. I think it will be a lot of fun. And less expensive. Plus, he is taking a Young Child Kindermusik Class this year with Miss Cammy. We are excited for him to learn how to play the glockenspiel and read notes, etc. He is always singing and loves music. I sure love this ball of energy!

Livvy and I are just hanging out so far. Kindermusik starts this week for us too. I am teaching the two youngest classes this semester, so Livvy will be there for my classes. She loves it and we are looking forward to lots of fun and friends. As of late, she just loves playing in the yard with the toys and flowers. She is talking more and more everyday and even saying sentences like, "Be nice, Chase!", "Want Orange Juice peease", and My favorite is when she sings, "Rock a baby." I need to record it. So cute.

Life is super busy as my children lead me around each day. I am super grateful for this!

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Neika Boulter said...

oh cute! Ashley saw this post with me and said O MOM THATS MY FRIEND CHASE.... and then shesaw livvy. MOM IS SHE PICKING A FLOWER FOR HER MOMMY.... IS SHE THAT BIG?