Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kitchen Remodel (well, sortof)

One of the things I have wanted to do ever since buying our house is to paint the cabinets. I just am not a huge honey-oak fan. It took a while to convince my hubby because he believes it is a mortal sin to paint over hard wood. But, since other home projects were "postponed", I told wade that I had to have something to sink my teeth into.. I needed a project. He finally gave me his blessing so I spent some time this summer updating my kitchen.


(the actual color is cream. It looks whiter in the pics)

Wade added crown mold to the cabinets.

I also sanded the edges the cabinets after the paint cured to give them an antiqued look. We got new hardware. (The old ones were so ugly!)

Then I painted and Wade hung this beadboard.

I'm so glad Wade is so handy!

There is still more we'd like to do eventually. New floors, appliances, countertops, fixtures, etc, but I am so happy with the result thus far! One thing at a time and it'll get done. I also am planning to brick over the red wall. I love red bricks! So, hopefully this fall it'll happen! The paint was a great starting point b/c it really opened up and brightened the whole room. I walk into it every day and am glad that we did it! And you know what else?
Wade loves it!


Ace said...

Oh my goodness--

I loooove it!!

You were right, it really does brighten up the room a whole bunch!

I think it looks soooo fresh and classy. I'm glad you were brave and experimented for the rest of us, who some day may grow weary of our "wood" cabinets and want to paint over them.

Yet another reason I love having you as a bestest friend!

P.S. your kids are getting big:(

Casey, Cammy and 5 C's said...

I love it! Maybe after our other "project" is done I can tackle our kitchen. Yours looks amazing!

Karin said...

They look so good Melissa! and I think red brick would look awesome!