Friday, August 28, 2009

A Wild Wyoming Weekend

We decided spur of the moment to go visit our dear friends, Neika and Casey, in July and go camping. How sweet that they jumped at the idea so last minute too! We just realized that the summer was passing too quickly. And we really owed them a visit. Casey and Wade grew up together and then when Sommer was a baby and Braydon was 2, we moved in next door to them. Neika and I instantly hit it off and she was the GREATEST neighbor! We would take turns watching each other's kids and playing at the park. We had the best time just hanging out! Then they moved to Wyoming and even though they visit often, we miss seeing them a lot! So, this trip was so good because we really needed to get all the kids together!

(Casey, Neika, and their girls)

We went camping at Granite Falls. I never knew how beautiful Wyoming was! There were wildflowers everywhere and the kids loved them. (So did I!)

Just sitting by the fire roasting hotdogs and marshmallows was so fun. It was also fun to put the kids to bed and stay up talking with Casey and Neika.

The kids all had a blast on the 4 wheelers. Livvy and Megan even wanted to get in on the fun. Aren't they so cute? They are 6 weeks apart in age and they just stayed together the whole time. It was so fun to see them finally get to play and follow each other around.

This (below) is Mckinley and Sommer.

Braydon and Haley

This picture is so funny because braydon was looking for a place to hold on and I yelled out, "Braydon, Just put your arms around Haley's waist." I got their reaction at the perfect time. Braydon is totally in the "girls are gross" stage. Silly boy!

Braydon. Sweet boy.

Chase and Ashley were so cute the whole time. They just hugged and cuddled and played together so well. Thankfully Chase is still in the "girls are cool" stage. So sweet!

Wade brought me some flowers and Livvy promptly took them. Sometimes she thinks she is Daddy's only girl. That's ok!

Beautiful flowers!

My sweet girls:

I hope these girls can grow up and be as good of friends as Neika and me.

We hiked to this waterfall. So beautiful!

Wade and the kids:

We made a fun little day trip to Jackson Hole, which I had never been to. Fun little town!

Then on the last night, we went swimming at this hot springs pool. Which was definitely needed after a couple of days of dusty, dirty camping.

We are so glad that we made this trip! We had so much fun and Casey and Neika were great hosts! Here are a just a few things (out of many) that I want to thank them for:

1) For bringing fresh ketchup- yes, I am weird about ketchup. I have to have it fresh.

2) For sharing your camping trailer with us!

3) For giving me that extra quilt so I didn't freeze in the tent (like I did the first night!)

4) For eating my burnt dutch oven dinner (apparently, I haven't mastered cooking on a campfire and was quite saddened by this!)

5) For bringing lots of water!!!

6)For having kids all close in age to our kids. We planned that well, huh?

7) For great talks and catching up!

8) For making us laugh and smile a lot!

9) For being spontaneous with us! What a great trip!

10)And most importantly for being such great friends. Let's do it again next year! :)

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Neika Boulter said...

OHH you are the sweetest EVER! We had such a blast! It made me relive the whole weekend! Can't wait til next year!!!