Monday, October 19, 2009

Pretty Baby of Mine

That is the name of one of my favorite Kindermusik songs~and I love to sing it to Livvy.
I just love how Livvy loves to dress herself. When it's time to go somewhere, she loves to "get dressed." She definitely has the cutest sense of style! Most days she strips down the clothes I have put on her and finds her own outfits from various drawers. She loves accessorizing with bags, hats, etc. etc. Oh, and babies! She usually has 2 or 3 babies in hand.

Her hair is no different. She promptly undoes the hair-styles I fix for her. (see below).
She does love to have her hair brushed. And it is getting so long now! I love it!

So, if you see us around town, please don't think my baby is a scrounge-muffin. I'm just fostering her creativity... :). Regardless of her style, I still happen to think she is the cutest baby in the whole world. I sure LOVE this child!


Jamie said...

I should have let Caitlin "foster her creativity" when she was younger. Maybe should would have gotten it out of her system and school wouldn't be such a power struggle!

She is so cute, my personal favorite is the hat!

Ace said...


I love you.

For so, so many reasons.

But especially for ones like this.

You are a treasure, my kindred spirit.

Love, your soul sista