Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet October

Yesterday was so beautiful! I was trying to catch up on housework since I am behind from injuring my back, but when I looked at my sweet kids outside enjoying the nice weather and leaves, I put down that cloth and grabbed my camera instead.

It was time much better spent!


Jamie said...

Good for you! Seeing how there isn't any school tomorrow, I'm ging to carve pumpkins with my kids and make caramel apples. You know, cause I'm usually the mom that makes everyone clean when they have a day off?!?

Melissa said...

Ok that is so funny, Jamie, because I am totally the mom today making my kids clean house or no Halloween! Aren't I lovely? But you are so cute! So..Good for you!

Hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow when I have a clean house and don't have to stress! :)