Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A very capable boy

It is such a wonderful feeling to see your children work hard and accomplish great things. My little Braydon is sooo smart and sweet. He helps me out so much! It was by divine design that he was born first! He is so wise, methodical, and mature. (well, most of the time). Here he is building an inversion table for me. He has always been so great at following instructions and constructing things. I just love him so much! I feel soooo much pride over this son of mine! I'm truly grateful for him!

And if this isn't natural talent, then I don't know what is. The photo below was a snowball that Braydon threw at the front window. Doesn't it look just like a poodle? No joke!

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Karin said...

Hey Melissa! I hope you are feeling better, and are ready for the holidays!(: I need your address so that I can send you guys a Christmas card. Can you leave it on my blog, or you can e-mail me at kmsmith@sfcn.org Thanks!