Sunday, January 3, 2010

Girls like Bad Guys

TRUE STORY:Last night as we were trying to get Livvy to sleep, Wade was asking her questions and we had this funny conversation with her.

Wade- Livvy, who do you like?

Livvy- Mama Donna (grandma)

Wade- Who else do you like?

Livvy- Kasha (cousin)

Wade- Who else do you like?

Livvy- Bad Guys!


Wade-Bad Guys? No, who else?

Livvy- I wike bad guys!

Me- Livvy, how about nice guys; that's better.

Livvy- NO, nice guys aw yucky!

Boy, oh, boy!I think we're gonna have to lock this one up!


Ace said...

We've all been there Livs..

Nice guys are yucky until you date a few weenies and realize that the geeks are where its at!

Get it out of your system while you're young girl! Go for the jerks at the park that bite you and push you off your swing and get your fill of those "bad guys" then marry a prince.

Love, "Dess"

Melissa said...

Seriously Candace-so true, have you ever seen what Patrick Dempsey looked like back in the day? He was quite the geek, but now? Well, things change! :)

I love your comment, sooo funny!