Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A true childhood moment...

Wade came home from a fire call Sunday morning and said that one of the guys on the department shared with him this story about Sommer and his daughter Piper.
Piper came home from school and said through tears,
"Daddy, Sommer is mad at me!"
When he asked why, she said,
"I don't know. All I did was tell her she had a really nice uni-brow."
Shocked he said, "Piper, that's not nice, you can't go around saying that to people.
Do you even know what a uni-brow is?"
Piper said, "yes, it's when you're eyebrows make a nice pretty curve."
"No it's not!" he told her.
Then he said he laughed so hard that he fell off the couch.
(of course Wade and I got a pretty good laugh from this one ourselves).
The next day, Piper brought Sommer the sweetest little apology note to school, along with some smarties. Sommer was so relieved to find out that Piper didn't think she had a "real" uni-brow, just a cute one. :)


Lori said...

How funny! What a sweet girl to bring her smarties and an apology!

Alison said...

Oh man, I have been thinking about this story all night. Knowing both these two girls, I am lovin every minute of it!