Sunday, March 7, 2010

Livvy's words

I just can't say enough how much I love my baby. She is so much fun and so loveable! I wish I had recorded every word and date she said it, because at this point, she really and truly is saying everything! She speaks in full sentences and understands so much! She especially LOVES to sing. She can sing her whole ABC's with only a few letter mix ups. She makes up cute songs too like,
"I happy. I happy. I love my baby." and on and on...
(whatever she's thinking at the time.)
She also loves singing the theme songs to Caillou, and Olivia. We all sing "Olivia" to her. It is fun having her name put to a cute tune.
She counts so well- to about 20. She participates so well when I teach preschool. She just seems like one of the big kids.
She tells everybody that they are her best friend. She knows just how to get people to fall in love with her. :)
She loves playing with my camera.
She tells me everyday,
"Mommy, let's go. I unna go outside. Help me Mommy. I need boots on. Put oor soos on, Mommy! Let's go!"
(We are quite ready for warm weather!)
She tells Daddy, "I wanna ride in de jeep. Come on, Daddy."
The other day, she hit Chase. When Sommer asked her why, she replied, "Cuz I mean."
(which of course I corrected immediately, but told her not to hit)
I told her the other day to come get in the tub so we could wash her tangly hair and she said,
"and to wash the markers off me?"
YES! That is a daily chore! She is very artisitic at the moment!
I know all moms do this too, but I look at her probably hundreds of times a day and think she is the cutest little thing. I tell her how pretty she is. I just love her little smile and all of her perfect little features. Even when she is a mess, I think she is so beautiful. Sometimes my eyes well up with tears looking at my baby. I really think being a mother sums up the phrase, "my cup runneth over." That's exactly how I feel.
So much pride and joy!

I wish I could remember each day with perfect memory. But I will never forget just how much I love having Livvy in our family. Next year, when Chase goes to Kindergarten, it'll be just me and her during the day. So hard to believe. I am so glad she'll be home with me. I'm so grateful for each day with all of my kids. Being a mom really does make me so happy. I am so grateful for my blessings! There are so many things that I need feel inadequate about. So many things in my life that I want to improve. So many things about being a mother that I want to do better, and sometimes that guilt gets to me when I fall short. But in writing things down like this, I hope that all of my kids will know that if nothing else, I truly loved them with all my heart! Because I do. I really do!

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