Monday, May 24, 2010

Good Mom or Bad?

It really isn't that funny, but what can I do but laugh over Chase?  Sometimes when he misbehaves, I tell you, I think people must think I am the worst mother ever.  Like I don't try to teach him to behave.  But I DO!!!  Some days I am truly at a loss.

Then at other times, he makes me seem like a great mother.  Like when he explains that he has a hypothesis to everyone around, and when he knows so many interesting facts, animals, geography, etc.  This boy really loves to study maps, textbooks, encyclopedias, etc.  So, yeah, at moments like these, I feel a bit proud of his knowledge.  He is a very smart, inquisitive boy.  We recently went to the aquarium and he knew all the fish's names before we could even read the signs.  ALL OF THEM!!!   I was even a bit surprised!   People think I teach him a lot, and though we love to read a lot, it is mostly all him- pouring over his animal encyclopedia and devouring every little detail of every creature- big and small.  He learned to read on his Animal Encyclopedia.  That thing has taken some serious wear and tear, and I am so glad!

However, I can't take the credit if I don't take the blame, so I won't.  He is his own special little person.  Full of determination, personality, and individuality. I love him more than words can express.  And, most days I am really proud to be his mama- good or bad as I may come across.

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Neika Boulter said...

what a sweet and cute smart boy!!