Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A week in stitches

Unpleasant Images Below!

Last week, as I was working in the basement on what I hope will be our new family room soon, Livvy had an accident with my inversion table.  It fell on her and cut her pretty badly on her cute little lip.  I felt totally responsible for her getting hurt and was broken hearted to see her so hurt.  Ughh!  I hate to see my children suffer!  And though I know it could've been much worse, I still was a shaky mess!  We ended up in the ER for most of the day where she got stitches.  It was a hard, sad day, but she did well considering.  She loved the little purple donkey they gave her. 
With her age, of course, we had to watch her closely to keep her from picking her stitches.  Plus, I really have hoped the cut wouldn't leave too big of a scar.  I just love her smile and did not want it to change in the least bit.  Her smile lightens my day- every day!
Luckily, through the week, she was in pretty good spirits and when she wasn't I just enjoyed loving her and reading lots of books together, etc.  And her smile still melted my heart! :)

Then yesterday, we went to get the stitches out.  They had a hard time getting them out because;
a- they said they were triple basted inside the lip
b- Livvy is one very strong little girl!

Two nurses, one mom, and one papoose board later,  the stitches came out.  Thankfully today, she is happy and still healing.

And I couldn't love this little smile more!


Ace said...

That poor wittle ting!!

Aunt Dess will buy you anything your little precious punkin' heart desires.

A pony?

You bet!

Glad she finally got those nasty stitches out.

p.s. you look so beautiful holding her Liss.

Cassie said...

Oh My goodness:( That looks like it hurt. I am with you on hating to see your little ones in pain. I am so glad she was o.k. and did not get hurt worse.

By the way girl, your skin looks beautiful.