Monday, September 20, 2010

Christina's Engagement

My niece/sister (I know...), Christina asked me to take her engagement photos.  Oh My Heavens- We had so much fun!!!  Her fiance', Aaron is just so fun and so sweet to her!  They are getting married October 15th in the Salt Lake Temple and I will be taking her wedding pics too. (Wish me luck!)  I'm so excited because she has planned the most darling theme.  She is incorporating Cinderella into her decorations like castles, white pumpkins, and mice.  How cute!!!  I'm so excited that Christina is beginning her happily ever after!

This is the photo that she printed and included along with her formal invitation.  She wanted something fun and storybook centered so I photoshopped in the Disney animals.  It is hard to see, but our favorites are Jacques and Gus-Gus by the teapot.

 Aren't they such a cute couple?


The Lowerys said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Tell Christina that I said CONGRATS! And that I wish her and her soon to be hubby all the happiness in the world! :) Tell her she also looks very pretty in her pictures! And cute wedding theme! Tell Moma Donna I said Hi too!

Karin said...

You are amazing! I love all of those. Where is that blue wall that the first pictures are by? Great job!

Ace said...


I know we talked about this a while back, and you told me her vision--

Sooo, I sorta had an idea in my head of how it would look as a final product...


Soooooo much cuter than I could have ever imagined!

All of them are darling and I LOVE their invitation. Seriously.

You are good Lis. So good.

I need you to rub some of your talent off on me.

p.s. cherry pics are so sweet!