Thursday, February 3, 2011

She's Three!!!

Heart waffles with Sprinkles.  Livvy got to help make them.

 My baby turned 3 today.  I took a few pictures of her today while the other kids were at school.  I wanted to remember this day- exactly the way she looks on her third birthday.  She no longer looks or talks like a baby.  She is big stuff, that is for sure!  :)

                       And she's got the big guns to prove it!  ;)

I love these eyes!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 
We Love You Sooooooo Much!


Lori said...

Great pictures! You can see her personality!! She does have beautiful eyes.

Ace said...

Happy belated Livvy doll!! I hope you had the best birthday ever!

Auntie Dess loves you to pieces~

P.S. Crew has a bag of gummy worms for you:)

Andrea said...

She is DARLING!! I just can't believe she is already 3! Wow...time goes fast!