Friday, September 23, 2011

My New Sites

Friends and sisters

Sadly, I think I have lost most of my friends to facebook. Lol
You won't find me there, but I do have two other sites, if you want to be my friend there. ;)  

Since I do some work for 3 Bugs In A Rug, and I also am working on redecorating and reorganizing my little house, I started a craft blog to hopefully inspire me and give me a place separate from this blog to work and play.  

I thought I would have posted more since the kids are back in school, but poor Chase has had a hard time in first grade.  This was totally unexpected, since Chase typically LOVES school.  The begging, tears, and anxiety have been all consuming.  (Both of us).
Hopefully this next week will bring some resolution.  He's such a sweet boy and I just want to see him happy every day.  :)  We're surviving!

So, please check out my project blog, follow me too if you will. :)
I think it will be good for me to invest in some creative time.  Its cathartic for sure.  Its still in construction phase.  Most days I'm the tortoise, not the hare. :)  But, there will be more posted very soon!

I also finally got a pinterest account.  I have been a huge fan and follower for the last year.  Since I am not on FB or Twitter, I could never sign up.  However,  I couldn't wait any longer!  Pinterest is brilliant.  I knew it when I first saw it!  Maybe now I can discard all my binders with torn out magazine ideas.  

Here are the links:

                                                         click on the box to go to new blog


                                         Happy Friday Y'all!