Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes Even Mean Moms Need an Upgrade...

Yesterday, Chase was mad at me.  Pretty much ALL.DAY.LONG! 

 I took it in stride and even laughed about it (but not in front of him).  
He was so mad at me that I was NEVER EVER going to take him to the Smithsonian Museum.
That's right. NEVER!!!  
At one point I tried reasoning with him that I would LOVE to take him one day to the Smithsonian, but that it would just require some planning and saving.  However, it is possible, I'd tell him.  I was trying to get him to be positive; to no avail.
He asked me, "Well, Have YOU EVER been there?"
"No, I haven't visited the Smithsonian before, but would love to!" I replied.
He grumpily retorted," See! The fact that you've never been just shows me you'll never take me either!"
I tried explaining it was a priority to me, but I wasn't convincing anyone, in his opinion.  
What a mean mom I am!
For the rest of the day, I just gave him some space and hoped that by today my budding little scientist would be happy with me again.

Chase's Famous Furrowed Brows

Later, Wade was putting Chase to bed and I was in the kitchen when Chase ran to me with the biggest grin and said,
My eyes teared up and I melted.  I had forgotten all about "Hugs that Grow."  Chase used to give us those all the time.  These hugs-turned-squeezes were so sweet.  I loved them, but I don't think I ever even wrote down anything about those sweet hugs.  It has been perhaps 2 years since the
 "hugs that grow" have dwindled away.
I swooned, "Aww...Chase, I remember Hugs That Grow!"
He so very sweetly said, "Do you want one? I've upgraded them!"
Of course I said Yes and he gave me the biggest squeeze.  :)
We laughed a lot and I cried a little too.  I guess I was forgiven. :)

It may be insignificant to some, but remember and receiving a "Hug That Grows" was such a blessing to me.  What if I had forgotten about them entirely?  What a precious memory to savor, and it could have been lost forever.  And now to add an "UPGRADED" version?  That was the cutest thing I've ever heard and the best gift ever...
As I got into bed and recounted my day, I didn't even have to ask myself if the Hand of God had touched my life.  He was there in the form of two little hands and arms and one big squeeze.

Gratitude for the day: Regained memories and a little forgiveness

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Karin said...

what a sweet post! Thanks for making me smile today.