Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Currently known as Braydon...

One of Braydon's missions is to make goofy faces in all of his photos.  He is such a little jokester and a quick wit. :)  I love spending time and playing around with him.  He is my pride and joy. :)

Recently, he said to me, "Mama (he always calls me mama, even when his friends tease him),
 I think you definitely should have another baby."
"Oh yeah?" I asked, "How come?"
(Braydon) "Because they're awesome, and so you have someone to carry on the family name..."
Of course at this point I gave him a quizzical look and so he quickly replied,
"Well, the rest of us will probably all change our names!"

Haha. Very Funny.
I actually did laugh at that one.
Braydon is such a funny kid.  He loves to joke and kid around.
Here are a few highlights about my sweet boy:

Has his own sense of style* Loves to read* Is currently reading the 39 CLUES books* Loves the color-lime green* Loves dancing and is taking hip hop and ballroom* Is a great student* Loves his iPod* Great with technology and computers* Is a good friend and chooses good friends* Likes to eat weird things- like scorpions, chocolate covered ants, frog legs, etc. (SOOO Gross! I think he may go on a mission one day to somewhere exotic so he can "use" this skill. LOL)* Very neat and Organized* Always does his homework and chores* Empties the dishwasher each day* Loves soft blankets and clothes* Great at styling his hair* Great at routines* Funny kid* Mostly wears contacts now* Is a deep sleeper* Kinda slow in the mornings* Very Curious and Nosy* A big tease* Loves his baby sister* Hazel eyes* Always reminds us to pray and read scriptures* whistles all the time* 12 years old* Is a charming, loving boy

I knew I wanted to spotlight my sweet son I love so much, before he becomes perhaps- Bo, Luke, or Jesse...
Love you kiddo.
(so so much!)

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Beard Family said...

You hit that nail on the head! These are the perfect words to describe him! He is pretty funny!!