Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sommer's Wax Museum

In fifth grade, the kids have a wax museum presentation where they learn about and dress up as someone from history.  They memorize a blurb about the person's life and share it all the people and families that come through. Sommer had a lot of fun preparing for her wax museum.  She chose
Señora Webster Carver
as her subject.
Remember the movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?
Señora was the young girl who left home to go dive horses off a platform and she dreamed of making her way to Atlantic City.  If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it!  It is a great story of resilience and persistence...and love. ;) It's one of my personal favorites, and well, Sommer's too!
A great family movie!

Sommer had to create a backdrop with real photos (if available of the person) to display.  She painted a darling and colorful scene of The Steel Harbor Pier in A.C.

We had fun with her costume because it needed to be 1920's and she and I are totally in love with flapper style dresses and hats!!!  We pulled her hair up shorter and she wore some long beads.  Very fun!

And I think she looked gorgeous! :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the evening:

my favorites!

Livvy hugging her big sis. :)

She did a great job and her teacher said no one had ever done Señora Webster before so it was a fun addition to the wax museum. 
We had so much fun and were proud of her!


Karin said...

She seriously looks gorgeous in those pics! What a great idea...we love that movie at our house!

Beard Family said...

This is so amazing, Sommer is so beautiful!!! And I love these pictures of her!!