Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bowling Profiles

We went bowling for Livvy's birthday. We don't go very often.  I noticed that the way we bowl says a lot about each member of our family.  Our personalities all came out. :)  
Just a few highlights and thoughts:

 Livvy- "New SHOES?!! YAY!"
Chase- "I hope there are no parasites in them..."

Braydon- "Am I studly?"
(Always making a joke)  
"They're all so pretty! "
(the cutie says)

The Cutie Pie and Daddy the Pro

Braydon strutting some kind of moves,
Chase keeping tabs on the electronics:

Bowling like a frog:

Middle of the game candid moments:

Four kids competing, and rushing to and fro with very heavy bowling balls (see Livvy above) meant for not much sitting for mom and dad.
And If I am completely honest, I must say, it was the dad doing most of the work. :)
I love him and his mad skills.

Some of us pretended we could play.

Some of us really could.

And some of us were bound and determined to win.

Some of us didn't care. We were just there for the fun.

And to make a birthday night special for a certain 4 year old.

We loved celebrating with this happy girl!
And this is how the night ended-  :)
We all brought something to the game,
and we all left with at least a few points, some laughs
and tired eyes and arms.
Not a bad night. 

Wouldn't it be fun to recreate this photo once a year and see how these little feet grow?  (sniff-sniff)

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Andrea said...

Great pictures! Cute, cute family! It was fun to see you on Saturday! :)