Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!

Mama Kaye, Me, Mama
(my grandmother and mother- the women who gave me everything, except their blue eyes...)

It's my mom's birthday.  

The saying goes, 
What do you give the person who has everything?

But in my mom's case (and Mama Kaye too),
What do you give the person who gives everything?
Nothing can say 'Thank you' enough.

I know my mom could've had so much more of her personal needs and desires fulfilled, but she has never thought of herself.  I wish I could make all her dreams come true.  :)

My kids' favorite stories from when I was young are about my mom and grandma. 
Like the ones when Mama Kaye showed up and saved the day with something I desperately needed at the time (for instance- a dress for my second grade program when I had none.)  

Or funny ones with my mom like when she forgot to turn on the dryer and had to wear wet jeans to college on a cold, humid morning.  She cranked the car heater as hot as it would go.  When she got out of the car into the cold air, she "steamed" the whole way to class.  
Yes, people stopped and laughed.  
Can't say I blame them.

My mom and grandma are the most selfless people I've ever known.  Their whole lives have been spent serving others.  I'm so blessed to have been raised by them and their example.   My mom worked so hard as a single parent to get an education ( a Master's degree!)  and provide for us.  I know it was never easy.  
  I know that they are creating wonderful, loving memories for my kids now too.   And I'm so glad my children are recipients of their love.  

Happy Birthday Mama!
We love you!

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