Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who is Daddy?

Daddy, according to Livvy

Livvy, Who is Daddy?
Daddy is the nicest person.

What does Daddy like to do?
He likes to play with me and read his books.

What is Daddy good at?
He is good at fixing cars.

What makes Daddy happy?
When I am happy.

What does Daddy need?
To spend time with Mommy.

What does Daddy love?
He loves me and Chase, Braydon and Sommer.

Where does Daddy go everyday?
He goes to work and one day he went to get me a toad.

What does Daddy do for work?
He does fire calls and he fixes out fires.

What makes Daddy fun?
Four Wheeler!!!

What does Daddy look like? 
He looks handsome.  He looks like a nice old man.

What does Daddy do for fun?
boating and jet skiing

What makes Daddy upset or angry?
When we are not very good.

Where would Daddy like to go sometime?

What does Daddy like to eat?

What does Daddy cook best?

What makes Daddy different than other dads you know?
He's funny.  

Why are you glad he's your dad?
Because he's my favorite Daddy and he always gives me a piece of chocolate.

What does Daddy teach you?
He teaches me English and dances with me.  

What makes Daddy special?
He is always fun, fun, funny.

If you could get Daddy any gift what would you get him?
A pet parrot

What makes Daddy a great dad?
That he says 'I love you.'


Karin said...

Love this!!! I totally need to have my kids sit down and answer those questions! So sweet!

Lori said...

I'm copying!