Monday, July 22, 2013

The Beach and Healing

We had a trip planned to go to California in March, but it ended up being right on the heels of Lucas' funeral.  We were suppose to leave 6 days after our two week trip to Tennessee for the funeral.  We didn't know if we could swing it and honestly, I didn't even really want to.  I was having such a hard time then and couldn't imagine taking a trip- to have FUN!!! It seemed so wrong to me.  But, because we were already committed, we made the trip anyway.  
I am definitely glad we went.  Not that it took any of the pain away I was experiencing- it was with me at all times, but I didn't realize how having our family together for one more whole week would be so good for all of us.  Away from school, life, etc.  
Just family.  
I think the ocean is so healing. I pondered a lot out there and it was so peaceful and beautiful.  I know it really helped my kids too, who were also still having a really hard time with their little cousin's death.
I took about a thousand pictures, maybe more, haha,
but here are a few I was looking at today of us at the beach.

 Pulling our wagon and kiddos to the beach

 Sommer dancing
 Livvy playing in the sand

Chaser and MOmmy getting a little wet.  It was kinda cold that day.
Braydon building in the sand

A couple of family pics



Josie ( cousin) Sommer and Chase

Little Livs



Beard Family said...

I love that out of everything I got out of this post was livvy looks like she only has one leg in a picture. haha

Melissa said...

Haha! That's because she was doing her YOGA pose in that family picture. She's funny!

Lori said...

I have been thinking about you. so glad you got to spend another week together. Your family is beautiful.