Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Funny Things

Here are some of the recent Livvy and Chaserisms.  I sure love these kids.


*When I questioned her on why she didn't eat any dinner, she said, " I didn't eat my soup because I just felt really weird about it."

*When she was sick with a cold, I told her sweets were off limits, but that she could have some honey for something sweet.  Her response while making a swirling design with her fingers-
"How about a cookie with honey on top?"

*One night Wade and I were watching a movie and she walked in, saw a kiss on the tv, and whispered to Wade,
"I just say ewww about kissing to be like the other kids."

*To me, she said one morning, " I had a dream that Daddy would not like!" "What?" I asked.  "I had a dream about a room full of KITTENS!"

*While snooping through a new house being built near us, Livvy ran into the huge master bathroom and walk-in closet.  She threw her arms in the air and exclaimed,
Yep, she's a girl.  ;)

*Last Christmas, while watching the scene about the dad and the lamp on A Christmas Story, Livvy burst out laughing and said, "He thinks its like a precious woman or something!"

my little saber tooth tigers

*Chase came bursting into the kitchen one day frantically trying to get into the drawer.  When I asked if he needed help with something, he exclaimed, 
"I need a baggie for my DNA!"

*When I asked what he was watching on the computer- it was on a medical website, he said, "Oh, I just thought I'd learn how to do a heart surgery but it wasn't as fun as the brain surgery."

*I laughed so hard when Chaser asked me this one:

How many sets of teeth do you get- including fake teeth?

*March 21.  2013
Chase: I really want mommy to have a baby- A boy baby! I need a boy!
Livvy:Well, sorry, the spot has been taken by a girl. I need a girl.

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