Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beautiful Scenery

One of my most favorite parts of our trip to California was the beautiful scenery! I've craved the tropical feel for oh, so long! We were so fortunate to stay in the Marriott Newport Beach Villas, which were incredible! I'd never stayed anywhere this nice and I soaked up every minute! We had an ocean view room that we all loved gazing at from our patio. Chase was out there every morning! I LOVE the ocean so much, probably since I grew up near one and as we'd look out or drive by the ocean each day, I kept telling Wade that I felt like I was "finding" myself again. This long- lost part of my inner being, manifesting itself. I felt so happy to be there- blissful! It was so awesome to be reacquainted with my love of the beach and ocean. The sound, the smell, the waves, the sunsets, and all the fun! The greatest part was sharing that with my dear sweet little ones! They loved it so much and I have probably never had more fun in my life than playing with them on the beach, in the water, finding seashells and smiles along the way. It was definitely the greatest trip I've ever taken, and I can't wait to go back! Here are some pictures I took of our view:

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