Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth!

This was our very first trip to Disneyland! We had so much fun! The kids absolutely loved it! It was exhausting but so worth it! The characters were sooo sweet! They were so cute with Livvy. A few came over to her from crowds just to come kiss her and she loved it, too! It was such a great year to go because a lot of rides had a height requirement of 40 inches, which on our last day, we realized Chase was exactly! So, he got to ride soarin' over California- twice! That was the best ride in California Adventures! Many of you know, but it is a flight simulator and it was so realistic! You really feel as if you on a hang glider, and Chase, my little aviator, just loved it! He always tells us he wants to be a pilot like Daddy and I think he just might! Braydon, my little dare- devil rode all the scary rides, even the Tower of Terror! Of course, however, he wouldn't go back on it a second time with me. :) Wade hates roller coasters so Braydon rode them with me! We did convince Wade to go on Space Mountain- which is fast, but not scary, and that was also a favorite for most of us!!! As a jeeping family, we loved the Indiana Jones ride.. It was sooo cool! The scariest ride for me was when everyone told me I could take the baby on the Pirates of the Carribean boat ride, so I did and I had no idea that it had a 2 drops! I was freaking out, almost in tears because I thought it was a little too intense for a baby and we had to just sit there and endure it til the end. I was so afraid she was going to be traumatized. However, she never cried or screamed like everyone else (ummm... me), she just closed her eyes tight and sucked her two fingers (like always!). Sommer loved the Pirates, Indiana jones, and Space Mountain. She was quite brave as well! We really had a great time with our kids! I loved just having fun with them and leaving all the everyday worries behind for a while! My kids are the best and I am so thankful for the fun we had with them! It was a busy week, but we brought back great momories! I feel so blessed!

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neika said...

OH I am so happy for your family! I can't wait until we can go....SOMEDAY. I love your slide show, is it easy to do?