Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here is a first look at the kids Christmas morning. We had been up all night because I had gotten to bed at 2:30ish and the kiddos were in my room at 3:00 asking if we could unwrap presents. Multiply my "No" times every 15 minutes makes for a very tired mom. I kept telling them they had to stay in bed 'til 6:00, but they "just couldn't sleep!" Wade finally put on the Polar Express and let them watch it in our room until morning rolled around. I was a little grouchy until we finally got up for good and then to see their faces so excited wiped it all away. I think Braydon's expression in this picture is so funny.
Braydon got a few books and loved it. He loves reading. He's super excited about this new Harry potter book.
Sommer had asked Santa for an idog so she could listen to music in her room, so she was super excited that he brought her one.
Sommer was so easy to buy for. A few littlest pet shops and she is one happy little lady!
Chase has been asking for a baby doll that swims for over a year, so this Christmas he got the boy one! Wade couldn't believe I bought his son a doll, but it is cute. And all boy...meaning it is anatomically correct. I didn't know this when I bought it, but it gave us all a good laugh. I think Wade's words to me were, "Way to go!" as he gave me a funny look. LOL
Turns out that what Chase played with all day was actually Wade's gift. I bought him a creeper to use while working underneath cars to keep his shirts from being ruined. Well, Chase thought it was the best. He also got this cute conductor hat that he wore all day. he told us he was the conductor of the Polar Express. Very Fitting...

Caught red-handed getting into the stockings. Livvy loves chocolate already, even with the foil on. We may be in trouble!
Livvy got a piano and a baby doll for Christmas. She was so excited. She gently opened her baby doll, and dove for her piano when Wade brought it in the room. It was so cute. In the picture below, she was hugging the baby as best as she could while still in the box once she discovered what it was. So sweet...

My most favorite part of Christmas was just being with my family. I have loved having this break to just play with them and see their cute personalities come out. I'm gonna be sad when they go back to school next week because I really am going to miss them. It's been so nice just having these relaxing days together. We've felt so blessed this season. It's all just been so simple and sweet!

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