Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snow Bears

Sommer and I went out today and decided to build these snow polar bears. They are kinda funny (I am certainly no sculptor!), but we did have a lot of fun. Sommer is very artistic and loves to be creative. She loves doing anything like this. Here we are just starting our mama bear. Chase helped only a few minutes and then went off to play.
Mama bear sprawled out in the snow.
Sommer with mama and baby bear. Hopefully you can see them with all the snow all around!
Baby bear. Sommer's thinking of a name still... (She has to name all of her "pets")


Alison said...

What a cute idea! Sommer is definitely a creative genius! I can't believe how much snow you have in Utah!! It has been 60 degrees every day in Colorado this week. Hope you had a merry Christmas!!

Tweeb and Danyette said...

Looks like you guys are doing well. It looks so cold there! You know how it is here in Fairview though. Just thought I would say hi and say thanks again for all your help. I thought you would want to know (if u don't already) we found out that Fairview is going to have our own Branch now. We will meet in the Dickson church but seperate times. Shocked us all. But when they had us all stand up we could see we had the numbers. It will be fun. Ray Griffin is our Branch Pres. Later, Tweeb

Tweeb and Danyette said...

Hey just wanted to say hi. Looks real cold there! You know how it is here in Fairview. We found out today that Fairview will have it's own Branch. Shocked us all. We will meet at the Dickson chapel,seperate time as them. Pretty cool, just thought you'd like to know (if you didn't hear already). You guys look like you are doing really well. Your family is very cute. Later, Tweeb

neika said...

HEy awesome idea! Now that we are starting to settle into our house, I should show the girls how to do that! I'll try anyway! I need to post house pics, but its SO MESSY with boxes right now!