Friday, March 13, 2009

My Sommer- shine is 8!

Yes, that's right! Sommer is eight years old as of March 8th! This is a very special birthday because she will be getting baptized very soon! Where does eight years go really? I must say, from the very beginning, even pregnancy, Sommer has been my easiest child! She is the only child I did not get very sick with and then she was such a good baby and from there has been the sweetest child! She has a heart of gold, that one! For her birthday, we had a big birthday bash at chuck-e-cheese with all of my family to celebrate all the family birthdays January- march. That was a great plan since there are so many of us now! Then on Saturday I took her and Livvy to Build- a- Bear workshop and then we went and picked out her baptism dress. That was so special. She and I picked the same one as our favorite, so that's the one we got. (More pictures of that to come!)

We bought the American idol game for Saturday night sing offs at our house and it is soooo fun! Our neighbors probably hate us- it gets pretty loud! :) Here is my sweet little Sommer singing her song. She is so good, too, and if you don't mind me bragging. (Isn't that what a blog is for???) I sure love this beautiful girl! And I just love this picture of her. Fun memories.

Here are 8 things We love about Sommer:
1) She is the best daughter and sister. Always trying to help everyone and she gives the best snuggles. In fact, Livvy usually doesn't want anyone but me lately, but the other day, Sommer got in from school and Livvy squealed and leaped for Sommer and gave her the biggest hug! She loves her big sister!
2) Sommer is so creative. Always drawing pictures, making up stories, coming up with decorating ideas. She is a girl after my own heart!
3) She is a great student and very ambitious. And she LOVES her teachers and gives them her whole heart. (And she misses you so much Mrs. Steadman!)
4) She is super obedient and very honest. I am so proud of this. (We think she took Chase's share!)
5) She always reminds us to read scriptures when the nights are busy and we haven't done it yet. And she also always reminds us to pray. Plus, she says the most thoughtful prayers.
6) She is a good friend and loves befriending others.
7) She loves to read, play the keyboard, sing, dance and do gymnastics. I love that she is cultivating her talents!
8) She already has a strong testimony of the Gospel and is so excited to be baptized. It is so important to her to Follow in the Savior's footsteps. I know that He is proud of her too!


Charis said...

I cannot believe it has been EIGHT years since Sommer was born - where do the years go?? She's a beautiful little girl. Happy Belated Birthday, Sommer!!!!

PS - LOVE your new blog look.

neika said...

How come our kids grow up so fast? I remember sommer.... crawling when I met you! Man... crazy! She is so beautiful and so sweet.... sounds like her mommy!

Alison said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOMMER!!! I meant to get a birthday card out last week, but I was late. Give Sommer a great big hug and kiss for me. I sure do miss that ray of sunshine!!