Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our family's ABC book

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Chase has been learning to read and loves abc books, so I thought this would be fun for him. Turns out, it was fun for me too! These books are so great when I don't have enough time to scrapbook! This is the third one I've done so far, and they are so great! I highly recommend them! I still love doing my own crafting, but these have picked up some of my slack!


The Lowerys said...

That is a way super cute book! I think Logan would like something like that! We just started trying to get him to learn the ABC's. Did you make the whole book or was it all done except for the pictures??? And now that I think about it, I might not want to start a project, Im 2 years behind on his scrapbook lol! But I can't help it when something looks so adorable! :)

Charis said...

Oh this turned out SO cute. I love all the ways one can be creative these days! So fun.