Friday, March 27, 2009

Races Galore

In the last week, Braydon has had to make an edible racecar for school and a spacecraft for the space derby with scouts. It was fun to help him and see his cute ideas. For his edible racecar, he used a sweet potato as the body, oranges for wheels, cookies as rims, gumdrops as head/tail lights and adhesive, and teddy grahams as drivers. It was cute. His car raced really fast. Oranges make pretty good wheels!
Then for his space derby, he and Wade constructed a really cool rocket with flamed fins. It was voted Most Futuristic. Sadly, he won the practice runs, but not the actual race. That's ok...he had a great time anyway!
Click on the pictures for a better view!

Braydon is such a fun boy! I'm so glad to have him as my son!


Neika Boulter said...

You're pages look so awesome! What a fun story! Are these some digital scrapbook pages, or you're just way awesome at blogging?

Melissa said...

Yes, it is digital scrapbooking. I use photoshop elements and then lots of free papers and embellishments! So fun! Thanks!

lacey said...

hey melissa this is lacey marvin, christinas friend. iam glad that you invited me to your blog but the email that you used i dont use it hardly at all so if you could reinvite me with this email i would really love it.
thanks- lacey