Tuesday, March 31, 2009


On Friday, Braydon & Sommer were both awarded with Superstar awards at their school. It is a special award for academic, personal, and cultural achievements. They received a special certificate and a metal. This is the first year our school has given out such awards and I am so proud of my kids for setting goals and accomplishing them (they could teach me a thing or two!).
They really are both such good, no awesome, kids and I am such a blessed mother.

I always think that whatever trials I've had in my life, the Lord has more than compensated me with such great children! I can't believe sometimes how big they are getting so fast, but I just try to enjoy each day that I can with them! Congrats to my little superstars! (Even though they have been superstars all along in my eyes!)


Charis said...

You DO have great kids. I am sure the teachers wish all their kids were like your kids.... PS - Call me weird but is your blog private at the moment? If not, I'd blur out their names and last names and name of their elementary school. Love ya.

Alison said...

Oh, it brings back so many happy memories to see pictures at Salem Elementary. Braydon and Sommer are both such awesome students, I'm not surprised!

Just the 9 of us said...

What's even better-they aren't only smart, but they both are such sweet kids. very thoughtful!