Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chaserisms Part VI

The Face of Innocence

Do you wanna know what kinds of things kids say when they are raised in a home where they are taught to:

Here are a couple of examples:

We were watching a Baby Einstein. It is a favorite around here. Hippos were on the screen.

CHASE: "You know why I don't like Hippos?"

WADE & ME- a little confused: "Umm...Why?"

CHASE : "Cuz they're DANG FAT!"

nice, huh?

Also, Chase thinks he has to sleep in our bed. It is getting harder these days too, if ya know what I mean. Anyway, this one night, he was in the middle and Wade and I were carrying on with a little night-time conversation when Chase lets out this aggravated sigh? "What?" we ask.

Then he replies, "YOU GUYS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!"


Adding to that, last week Chase wanted me to read him a book about life's lessons for parents as a bedtime story. (He likes to read the most RANDOM books. Mostly textbooks, how to books, etc. For real! It is weird!) Anyway, we were kicking back in my bed (of course) and I began reading.
#1- Be Around
I read each one to him, but for blog sake, I will skip to
#17- Don't let him sleep in your bed, even if he's scared or sick. Sleep in his room on the floor. ( I just give him THE EYE)
(Keep Reading) Skip to #31-An unhappy boy is often one who is hungry or tired. Or both.

Then he interrupts me and says in the sweetest voice says, "But Mommy, I can sleep in your bed, right?" (Funny, how he couldn't stop thinking about that one!)
Me, "The book says no."
I'm so mean! However, he did still sleep with us that night and every night since!

lastly, I walked into the kitchen the other day and Chase had made himself a sandwich. Are you ready for this? It was honey and pickle. (ugh!) In his words, it is "SOOOO GOOD! IT tastes just like pickles and honey!" Gee, Imagine that?! He offered me some, which I declined . :)

Disclaimer- I REALLY don't tell my kids they drive me crazy! I'm not that mean!
This can be proven by the fact that I never use the words, "You Guys". I'm a "y'all" gal! So, I don't know where Chase got that one!

Actually, I know one day I'm going to really miss this!

Oh, and by the way, I realized that i have been blogging for exactly one year today! Wow- So much can happen in a year! I am so glad that I have my blog to help me document our lives! Soon, I am printing out all of last year's post as a journal. I'm excited to do this every year!


Neika Boulter said...

OHHHH that is too funny! He is so dang cute and creative! Hope to see "y'all" someday sooooon!

Charis said...

Chase is such a funny kid. I love it. I know he may be a little more challenging than the others but I love that he is his own little person, with his own (strong) personality! Not to mention he is so dang FUNNY. Love your stories and love that you can still find the humor in them!

Just the 9 of us said...

He is Hilarious!!! What a funny kid! I'm glad you are writing these things down! :)